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Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
Web Design Mr.Gopi 17-JAN-2023 08:00 AM
Web Design Mr.Satish 21-JAN-2023 12:00 PM

Web Designing training is very popular these days, as it offers a promising career as web solutions are applied in industries, business, education and public sector.  It is the design of web pages, websites and web applications used by companies to promote their business and corporate agencies to market several products to the customers.  Most of the companies wishing to create their own web sites look for skilled and qualified web designers. APEC offers you with affordable web designing course fees.  Our course helps the student learn various web design services that include need analysis, solution designing, web content writing, web content planning, graphic designing, designing Flash, HTML coding and Java scripting.


  • Adobe
  • Zend Technologies


Web designing can be the right option for those having a flair for creating a design flow A web designer can be absorbed in different fields such as advertising agencies, publishing, audio-visual media, design studios, printers and typesetters, manufacturers and department stores, marketing firms, exhibits and displays and educational institutes and libraries.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer
  • Content Manager
  • Content Editor
  • Freelancer


Introduction to Web Designing
• Vector Graphic v/s Raster Graphics
• Photoshop Interface, Resolution
• Color modes, Rules, Grids, Guides
• Tools
-Selection, Crop, Slice, Type, Drawing
– Painting, Retouching, Navigation
– Annotation, Measurement
• Layers
– Palettes, Group, Link, Effects, Style
• Smart Objects, Smart Filters
• Design Logos, Banners
• Save/Print Image
• Filters, Web Layouts
• Masking – Layer, Vector, Clipping
• Gradients, Actions, Animated GIF files

• Introduction to 2d
• 2d Vs 3d Animation
• Tools
-Selection, Crop, Slice, Type, Drawing
– Painting, Retouching, Navigation
– Annotation, Measurement
• Property Inspector
• Rules, Grids & Guides
• Layers, Timeline
• Frame By Frame Animation
• Motion/Shape Tweening
• Add Motion Guide
• Symbols, Movie Clip/Button/Graphic
• Picture/Text Morph, Masking
• Text Effects, Cartoon Animation
• Action Script, Filters
• Flash Banners, Web Layouts
• Tite Effects, Logo Animations
• Menu Bars

• Introduction to HTML, Web Page
• Website, URL, Domain, Hosting
• Static Pages v/s Dynamic Pages
• Introduction to HTML Tags
• Text Properties, Multimedia Tags.
• Linking Tag, List Properties
• Tables, Frames & Forms
• New Media Tags( Audio, Video)
• New Mark-up Elements
– Address, Article, Base, Figure
– Details, Header, Nav, Footer, Section Tags
• Canvas and SVG Tags
• Form Input Tags
– Email, Color, Number, Date, URL
• New Form Attributes, Web Storage
• HTML5 Geo Location, Drag & Drop
• Meta Tags

• Style Sheets, Syntax
• Background Properties
• Text Properties, List Properties
• Hyperlink Tag Properties
• Psuedo Classes, Psuedo Elements
• Colors, Gradients
• Multi Column Layout, Media Queries
• Shadow Effects, Border Properties
• Transformation ( 2D , 3D)
• Transitions, Animations

• Introduction, Uses, Syntax
• Variables, Operators
• Conditions, Loops, Switch
• Functions ( String , Date, Math )
• User Defined Functions
• Browser Compatibility
• Events, Cookies, Dialog Boxes.
• Page Redirection, Form Validation
• Error Handling, Regular Expressions

• Introduction, Importance of PHP
• Web Architecture, Web Server
• Install & Configure – PHP, Apache
• Data types, Variables, Operators
• Tags, Comments, PHP.ini Settings
• Constants – Magic, Pre/User Defined
• Conditional Statements
• Loops, Functions
• Recursive functions, String Functions
• Include & Require Statements
• Date, Time, Math
• Arrays, Types, Array Functions
• PHP Forms, Form Submit
• Get & Post Methods

• Dreamweaver Interface
• Create Web Page Layout
• Views – Code, Design, Split
• Panels, Rulers, Grids
• Common Panel – Hyperlink, Email lnk
• Named Anchor, Horizontal Rule, Table
• Insert Div Tag, Placeholder, Rollover
• Hotspot – Rectangle, Oval, Polygon
• Script, Date, Comment, Head
• Media – SWF, FLA
• Insert Div Tag, Draw Ap Div
• Spry Menu Bar, Spry Accordion
• Tabbed Panels, Collapsible Panel
• Table – Row/Column, Iframe, Frames
• Forms – Text / Hidden Field/Checkbox, Radio Button
• Select List, Jump Menu, Image Field
• File Field, Button, Label, Field set
• DWT, Make / Make Nested Template
• Region-Editable, Spry Validation
• Optional, Repeating, Repeating Table
• Browser Compatibility
• Testing Site in Different Browsers