Desktop publishing involves use of computer to perform the functions of print shop that include page layout and design, including graphics and pictures. Our training enables a student learn

  • How to combine the text and graphics to produce documents
  • Prepare newsletters, brochures, books, design logos, brochures etc.
  • Prepare PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, and the Web


  • Adobe


Aspiring candidates opting for a career in reporting and print media can take up this course. Degrees may not be necessary, but a sound educational background coupled with design skills and creative ability is appreciated.

  • DTP Operator
  • Columnist
  • Page Layout artist
  • Editing professional


  • Working with PageMaker Interface
  • Using Toolbox, Control Palette
  • Page manipulation
  • Changing the appearance of the text
  • Fine-tuning the graphics and images
  • Display the page in different views
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Setting the Leading
  • Applying Paragraph specifications
  • Setting Indents & Tabs, Column guides
  • Wrapping Text
  • Import text or images
  • Printing the document