Multimedia and animation training courses at APEC offers the students with best multimedia training on par with industry standards and as per the market needs. Graphic design is an evolving field that continues to grow. Increased demand from advertising and computer design firms will contribute to this growth. As print media gives way to interactive sources, it’s expected that more and more graphic designers will be required for online marketing campaigns.

Graphic designers use color, typography, photography, artwork, layout and occasionally animation to convey a client’s message to its target audience. APEC, the best multimedia training institute, provides the DTP & Graphics design course that equips the students with skills to

  • develop the visual components of marketing and communication initiatives, including advertisements, logos, packaging, brochures and websites
  • tackle real world graphic design applications to deliver unique, effective designs
  • design the layout of a Web page and make changes to an existing publication
  • understand illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design and corporate identity systems


  • Adobe


Creative minds with a strong technical interest and who are inherently good at creativity and visual communication can opt this course for a competent career in the print publishing industry.

  • DTP specialist
  • Page Layout artist
  • Editing professional
  • Graphic designer


•Working with PageMaker Interface
•Using Toolbox, Control Palette
•Page manipulation
•Changing the appearance of the text
•Fine-tuning the graphics and images
•Display the page in different views
•Creating Master Pages
•Setting the Leading
•Applying Paragraph specifications
•Setting Indents & Tabs, Column guides
•Wrapping Text
•Import text or images
•Printing the document

•Vector graphic illustrations
•Introduction, Workspace & Navigation
•Smart Guides and Rulers
•Fills and Stroke
•Color Spectrum Bar & Dialing in colors
•Gradients & Gradient Mesh
•Layers & Grouping
•Drawing with Lines and Shapes and Brushes
•Tools – Symbols, Transform & Cutting tools
•Charts and Graphs
•Alignment and Distribution
•Type Formatting
•Appearance and Styles
•Transparency and Masking
•Liquify, Enveloping and Meshes
•Pathfinder Operations
•Saving/Slicing for the Web
•Image Maps
•Image and Photoshop Integration
•Printing & Exporting

•Introduction to Photoshop Interface
•Vector/Raster graphics
•Resolution, Color modes
•Rules, Grids, Guides
oSelection, Crop, Slice, Type
oDrawing, Painting, Retouching
oNavigation, Annotation,Measurement
oPalettes, Group & Link layers
oEffects, Style, Blending modes
oSmart Objects, Smart Filters
oLayer, Vector, Clipping
oPredefined, Customized
•Actions, Animated GIF files
oLogos & Banners
oWeb Layout, Buttons, Icons
•Save/Print image