Many people seek to update and interact with Internet pages for both personal and business use. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard for sharing the Web-based information. HTML code (tags or elements) dictate everything from text size, bold and italics to the placement of images and tables on a page. With CSS, Web designers can gain control over many features of a site’s design, say they can make changes to all or part of a Web document. Our HTML& CSStraining provides the “backbone” set of skills needed to build and maintain a variety of different webpages, alongwith

  • Solid understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Willingness to move beyond outdated
  • Web design standards
  • Ability to hand-code for the Web


  • Zend Technologies


This course is suitable for casual Internet users and bloggersfor learning more range from self-help books and continuing-education classes to world-class professional training. Web professionals can undergo this training to boost their skills at many levels and for a lift in their design career.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer


• Introduction to HTML, Web Page
• Website, URL, Domain, Hosting
• Static Pages Vs Dynamic Pages
• Introduction to HTML Tags
• Text Properties, Multimedia Tags.
• Linking Tag, List Properties
• Tables, Frames & Forms
• New Media Tags( Audio, Video)
• New Mark-up Elements
– Address, Article, Base, Figure
– Details, Header, Nav, Footer, Section Tags
• Canvas and SVG Tags; META Tags
• Form Input Tags
– Email, Color, Number, Date, URL
• New Form Attributes, Web Storage
• HTML5 Geo Location, Drag & Drop