In an era of “object-oriented programming,” a results-oriented style of software development that enables teamsto reuse snippets of code throughout a project, whether you’re updating legacy code or writing brand new, efficient, high-performance code, harness the power of C++ for mission-critical development projects and line-of-business applications. The formal training program in C++ from Our help students

  • Build broad skill sets that attract employers
  • Learn how to write lean code
  • Write software for new, powerful, personal computers
  • Master the craft of developing procedural code
  • Understand the process of managing a software project


  • Inhouse Certification


This course is meant for students or professionals to enhance their skills in the object oriented programming – the flavour of today’s IT world.

  • Computer Programmer


Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
• Procedural Vs Object-oriented programming
• Definition of Object Oriented Programming
• OOPS concepts
• Class
• Object
• Encapsulation
• Data Hiding
• Abstraction
• Message Passing
• Polymorphism
• Inheritance
• Dynamic Binding
• C versus C++

Console I/O Operation, Character & String Handling
• Stream classes
• cout, cin objects
• insertion / extraction operators
• getc( ), putc( ), getline( ), write( ) functions

Tokens in C++
• Variables
• Constants
• Keywords
• Operators

Control Structures in C++
• if, switch, goto statements
• do-while, while and for loops
• break v/s continue in loops

Arrays in C++
• 1-D arrays
• 2-D arrays

Functions in C++
• Functions using top-down and bottom-up approaches
• Call by Reference
• Return by Reference
• Inline functions
• Friend functions
• Functions with default arguments
• Function overloading

Classes & Objects
• Structure Vs Class
• Declaring Classes
• Access specifiers
• Creating Objects
• Scope resolution operator
• this pointer

Constructors & Destructors
• Need and importance
• Types of Constructors
• Constructor overloading
• Copy constructors
• Dynamic Constructors
• this pointer in constructors
• Destructors

• Introduction to Polymorphism
• Types of Polymorphism: static and dynamic

Method Overloading
Function Overloading v/s Method Overloading

Operator Overloading
• What is Operator Overloading
• Explaining operator function
• Overloading Unary Operators
• Overloading Binary Operators

• Inheritance: Need and Importance
• Base class & Derived class
• Inheritance syntax in C++
• public & private Inheritance
• Types of Inheritance
• Single Inheritance
• Multiple Inheritance
• Multi-level Inheritance
• Hierarchical Inheritance
• Hybrid Inheritance
• Virtual base class
• Implementing dynamic polymorphism
• Abstract classes and pure virtual functions
• Virtual Functions

File Handling in C++
• Importance of Persistent Storage
• Streams in C++
• Stream class hierarchy in C++
• Implementing text files
• Implementing random access files