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Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
C-language Mr.Ramesh 19-JAN-2023 10:00 PM
C-language Mr.Ramesh 21-JAN-2023 06:00 PM

The C programming language has powered crucial applications and various versions of the platform require developers to stay aware of system limitations and coding habits. The formal training program in C language from Our help students

  • Build broad skill sets that attract employers
  • Learn how to write lean code
  • Write software for new, powerful, personal computers
  • Master the craft of developing procedural code
  • Understand the process of managing a software project


  • Inhouse Certification


This course is meant for students or professionals to strengthen their skills in the area of programming and d evelop the technical learning and the project management skill

  • Computer Programmer


Basics of Programming Languages

Basics of Computers
• Types of Software

Introduction to Programming Languages
• Types of translators

C Language Introduction

History of C Language
• Importance of C in programming
• Features of C Language

C Program Structure
• Header files, Constants
• Keywords, Identifiers
• Primitive Data Types
• Derived Data Types

Input-Output in C
• Types of I/O statements
• Formatted / Unformatted I/O

Operators in C
• Arithmetic, Relational, Logical
• Assignment, Ternary/Conditional
• Unary
• Pointer / Bitwise / Special
• Operator Precedence

Conditional Statements
• Simple if
• if-else
• Nested if
• else-if Ladder
• goto Statement
• switch-case statement

Looping/Iterative Statements
• for, while, do-while
• Nested loop Statements
• break & continue in Loops

• Need and classification
• Function Prototype
• Defining & Calling Function
• Function with & without arguments
• Nested function calls
• Recursive Functions
• Creating own header files

Storage classes
• Automatic, External
• Static, Register

Working with Arrays
• Purpose for arrays
• Types of arrays(1-D and n-D)

• String representation
• Declaring / Initializing a String
• Functions in string.h file
• String Formatted Specifiers
• String arrays

Structures, Unions, Enumeration
• Introduction to structures
• Declaring a Structure
• Creating Structure variables
• Array of Structures

Structures with Function
• Nested Structures

Introduction to Unions
• Declaring Unions
• Structures versus Unions
• Enumerations, typedef

• Memory Concept
• Introduction to Pointers
• Operations on Pointers
• Pointer to Array
• Pointers to Structures
• Array of Pointers
• Pointer to Pointer
• void pointers, NULL pointers
• Dangling pointers, Wild pointers
• Call by Value, Call by Reference
• Passing Pointers to Functions
• Functions returning Pointers
• Dynamic Memory Allocation

File Handling
• Importance of persistent storage
• File Input-Output Operations
• Implementing text files

Implementing Random Access files

Command Line Arguments