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Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
DevOps Mr.Anil 27-MAR-2023 10:00 AM
DevOps Mr. Chandra 30-MAR-2023 10:00 AM

DevOps is said to be a culture evolving rapidly to automate the build, test and release phases of the application. A typical DevOps engineer would have expertise in development, testing and operations. And should have deep technical skills in tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, GIT, Jenkins, Docker, etc. Should understand cloud platforms and how to use infrastructure automation to leverage this to best effect. There is a great demand for certified candidates with bright future in this field. APEC offers you best DevOps training in Hyderabad and globally.


  • In-house certification


    • DevOps Architect
    • DevOps Application Engineer
    • DevOps Infrastructure Engineer
    • DevOps consultant
    • Security Engineer
    • Integration Specialist
    • Release Manager


• History of DevOps
• What is Dev and Ops?
• DevOps Definitions
• DevOps & its Life Cycle
• DevOps – Main Objectives
• Prerequisites for DevOps
• Cloud Introduction – Saas, PaaS, Iaas
• Cloud usage in DevOps
• Introduction to Linux
o Unix & Linux O/s Basics
o Linux System Admin Commands
• Tools – Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker
• Continuous Integration
• Continuous Deployment
• Continuous Release & Deployment

• Traditional Methodologies & Practices
• DevOps Implementation
• DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools
Version Control
• What is a Version Control System?
• What is a Distributed Version Control System?

• Version Control System
• Centralized and Distributed Systems for SVN
• SVN Features
• SVN Server Installation
• Configure SVN with Web Server
• Create and Configure Users
• SVN Trunk / Branch / Tag

• GIT Features
• 3-Tree Architecture
• GIT – Clone /Commit / Push
• GIT Hub Projects
• GIT Hub Management
Differences between SVN & GIT
Build Tools

• ANT Installation
• ANT Build Pre-Requisites
• Creating JAR and WAR files
• Make AND Build

• Maven Installation
• Maven Build Requirements
• Maven POM Build
Continuous Integration

• Introduction to Jenkins
• Continuous Integration with Jenkins
• Installation of Jenkins Master & Slave
• Configure Jenkins
• Jenkins Management
• Support for GIT Version Control System
• Different Types of Jenkins Jobs
• Scheduling Build Jobs fi
• Maven Build Scripts
• Securing Jenkins
o Authentication
o Authorization
o Confidentiality
o Creating Users
• Jenkins Plugin
• Installing Jenkins Plugins
• SCM Plugin
• Build and Test

Web Server & Application Server
• Apache Web Server
• Web Server – Installation & Configuration
• Apache Tomcat Server
• Tomcat Server – Installation & Configuration
• Manual and Automated Application Deployment
Containers & Virtual Development
• Docker
• Vagrant

Configuration Management
• Overview of Chef, Introduction
• Chef Client-Server Architecture
• Chef-Solo Introduction
• Chef Recipes, Cookbooks, Chef-role, Environments
• Chef Run-list and Data-bags
• Chef Server and Workstation Setup
•Chef Server & Workstation
• Knife Configuration
• Chef Solo Setup & Implementation with Examples
• Create & Configure the Organization.
• Create the Organization, Environment, Role, Bags.
• Adding Node to Organization.
• Mapping Environment, Roles & Data-bags to Organization
• Create Environments/ Roles/ Data-bags
• Chef-server, Chef-Repo
• Chef-client, Chef-solo

Advanced Chef
• What is Food Critic
• What is Test-Kichen
• Improve & Expand on Existing Recipes

• Introduction to Puppet
• Installation & Configuration of Master Server & Agents
• Installation of Puppet Single Node Setup
• Creating Manifests & Loading Modules from Puppet Forge
• Managing Manifests
• Creating & Managing Modules
• Version Control with Puppet
DevOps – Monitoring

• Nagios Introduction
• Setup Nagios
• Nagios – Installation & Configuration
• How to Check Events?
• CPU, Memory & Other Events

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