The growth in technology has led to growth in the scope of hardware and networking too. There is a huge demand for people trained in this field to work as Hardware &Networking Engineers with knowledge and skills required to implement defined network architecture with basic network security. Our training enables the students to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices using appropriate network tools, understand the features and purpose of network technologies, also make basic solution recommendations, analyze network traffic, and be familiar with common protocols and media types.


  • Comptia


This course serves a good beginning for anyone wishing to have an internationally recognized validation of the technical knowledge required for foundation-level IT network practitioners. It also forms the basis for pursuing professional certifications like MCITP / CCNA / Linux / Solaris.

  • Network Support
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Desktop Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Systems Analyst Technician
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Engineer


Introduction to Network
• What is a Network?
• What is networking?
• What is LAN, WAN, MAN?

Establish a Network
• Systems • Media
• Network Devices, Components
• Operating Systems
• Communication devices
• Protocols • Address
   Types of Network
  Modes of Communication
• Simplex / Half Duplex / Full Duplex
  Types of Communication
• Unicast / Multicast / Broadcast
• Coaxial cable • Optical Fiber
• Twisted pair cable

Types of connectors
• BNC connector • RJ45, RJ11
• ST & SC connector
Types of crimping
• Straight over / Cross over / Roll over
• Mesh • Bus
• Star • Ring

Hub, Switch, Router, NIC card
MAC address, IP address
OSI Reference Model
• Introduction
• Structure of OSI Reference Model
• Working of OSI Reference Model

Assigning IP address
Checking the connectivity
Changing the system name

Network Environment
• Workgroup or peer to peer
• Client/Server or Domain

Workgroup or Peer to Peer
• What is workgroup?
• Advantages of workgroup
• Disadvantages of workgroup

User administration
• What is user account?
• Different types of user accounts
• Local user account
– Creating, managing and deleting

Group administration
• What is a group?
• Different types of groups
• Groups
– Creating, managing and deleting
• Users membership to groups
– Adding and Removing

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