Web Development

APEC Provides Best Web Development Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

Web Development

APEC Provides Best Web Development Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

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You want to create an application from scratch using web technologies?

Join with APEC web development training (online and classroom) and make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies. Learn how to write browser-based games, create complex HTML forms with validations, portfolio sites, landing pages etc.

Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
Web Development Mr.Gopi 19-Jan-2024 08:00 AM
Web Development Mr.Vijayalakshmi 20-Jan-2024 11:00 AM


Web Development
Web designers/developers who aspire for a comprehensive knowledge of Web development practices and conceptsto perform hands-on coding and understand architecture of web applications can undergo this course.

Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Programmer
Introduction to Web Programming

Introduction to HTML, Web Page
Website, URL, Domain, Hosting
Static Pages Vs Dynamic Pages
Introduction to HTML Tags
Text Properties, Multimedia Tags.
Linking Tag, List Properties
Tables, Frames & Forms
New Media Tags( Audio, Video)
New Markup Elements
Address, Article, Base, Figure
Details, Header, Nav, Footer, Section Tags
Canvas and SVG Tags; META Tags
Form Input Tags
Email, Color, Number, Date, URL
New Form Attributes, Web Storage
HTML5 Geo Location, Drag & Drop

Style Sheets, Syntax
Background Properties
Text Properties, List Properties
Hyperlink Tag Properties
Psuedo Classes, Psuedo Elements
Colors, Gradients
Multi Column Layout, Media Queries
Shadow Effects, Border Properties
Transformation ( 2D , 3D)
Transitions, Animations

Introduction, Uses, Syntax
Variables, Operators
Conditions, Loops, Switch
Functions ( String , Date, Math )
User Defined Functions
Browser Compatibility
Events, Cookies, Dialog Boxes.
Page Redirection, Form Validation
Error Handling, Regular Expressions
Introduction, Importance of PHP
Web Architecture, Web Server
Install & Configure PHP, Apache
Data Types, Variables, Operators
Tags, Comments, PHP.ini Settings
Constants Magic, Pre/User Defined
Conditional Statements
Loops, Functions
Recursive Functions, String Functions
Include & Require Statements
Date, Time, Math
Arrays, Types, Array Functions
PHP Forms, Form Submit
Get & Post Methods

Regular Expressions (Validations)
Textboxes, Email, Password
Date, Phone, Zip Codes
Custom Regular Expressions
Sessions, Variables, Session ID
Create/Retrieve/Destroy session
Cookies, Types of Cookies
Create/Retrieve/Delete cookies
Exception Handling
Try, Throw, Catch
CRUD Create/Read/Update/Delete
Upload/View/Download Files
User Registration
Send Emails
Authenticate Users with PHP/HTTP
Introduction to Web Services

Introduction, Installation
PHP Syntax, Connection
Create/Drop/Select Database
Data Types, Create/Drop Tables
Query Insert/Select/Update/Delete
Where/Like Clause, Sort, Join
NULL Values, Regexps
Alter Command
Indexes, Sequences
Temporary/Clone Tables
Database Export/ Import

DOM, XML Formats
HTTP Requests
Links with Ajax
Dynamic Forms

Introduction to Joomla
Installation, Configuration
Templates, Article Manager
Plug-ins, Menus, Modules
Components, Banners
User Management
Creating Contact

Introduction, J Query Elements
I D Selector, Class Selector
Declaring Button/Fade Actions
Fade Actions Properties
Declaring Slide Actions
Slide Actions Properties
Declaring Load Method Actions
Load Method Actions Properties
Declaring Slideshow Images
Animation Properties
Declaring Text Effects
Text Effects Properties
CSS Properties
Creating Web Gallery


We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online Training.

IT Training courses take a maximum of 2-3 month durations & the course duration, however, depends on the availability and convenience of the learner. You can check our detailed upcoming batches, course duration & timing, fees at the course training page.

Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.

We provide a proper certificate after completion of the course. Along with our institute certificate you will be also able to write Course Name and other certifications after completing the course.

You can expect a 10%-25% increment in salary. The overall growth depends upon how you perform and how you are beneficial to the organization.

Grow Your Career

There’s no shortage of possible career options in IT, and there’s no shortage of opportunities for promotion within specific IT niches. Full Stack Development, Data Science, ML & AI, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Networking and Graphic Design all offer IT career growth and may be just right for you.

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