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Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
AWS Mr.Omkar 27-MAR-2023 08:00 AM
AWS Mr.Ibrahim 01-APR-2023 11:00 AM

AWS training and certification is the hot trend in the market. The rapid enterprise adoption of the cloud infrastructure generates considerable AWS career opportunities. The rise of cloud computing technologies has opened up a Pandora’s box for IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to create, deploy and manage applications on Amazon Web Services.


  • In-house certification


• Cloud solutions architect
• AWS Cloud architect
• AWS Cloud consultant
• AWS Cloud engineer
• AWS Cloud developer
• AWS Support


Linux Basics
• Linux File System Structure
• Basic Commands
• Users & Groups
• Permissions & Ownership
• Start & Stop of Services

Cloud Computing
• What is Cloud Computing
• Advantages of Cloud Computing
• Deployment Models
• Service Models

Amazon Web Services
• Introduction to Amazon Web Services
• Advantages of AWS
• Account Creation
• Free Tier Overview

EC2- Elastic Compute Cloud
• Launch of Instances
• Access of Instances Through
o Putty
o Remote Desktop
• Instance Types
• Security Groups
• EBS Volumes
• Snapshots
• Creation of Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
• Elastic Load Balancers
• Health Checks
• Auto-scaling Groups
• Ec2 with Amazon Community
• Line Interface

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
• Basics of Networking
• Default v/s Custom VPC
• Creation of Non-default VPC
• NAT Configuration
• Subnet Groups
• Elastic IP Address
• Elastic Networking
• Launch of Instances In Non-default VPC

Relational Database Service (RDS)
• RDS Essentials
• Launch of RDS Instances in Default VPC
• Connecting RDS Instance with EC2 Instance
• Backups
• Multi AZ
• Read Replicas
• RDS Security Groups

IAM (Identity Access Management)
• Getting Started with IAM
• Root v/s User Accounts
• IAM Roles & Policies

Amazon S3
• Simple Storage Service Introduction
• Creation of Buckets
• S3 Bucket Versioning
• Life Cycle Policies
• Static Webhosting with S3 Bucket
• Using AWS Community & Line Interface with S3
• S3 pricing

Route 53
• Domain Registration
• Domain Name System (DNS) Service
o A Format
o AAAA Format
o CNAME Format
o MX Format & More

Cloud Watch
• Monitoring of Instances
• Health Checks in Cloud Watch
• Creation of Alarms
• Configure the Notifications

• Simple Queue Service
• Simple Notification Service
• Simple Email Service

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
• Elastic Beanstalk Control Panel
• Deploying Application with Elastic Beanstalk

Concept to Production
• LAMP Installation
• LEMP Installations
• Securing Applications with SSL
• High Availability Word Press Application
• Installation of NAGIOS Server

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