Multimedia and animation training courses at APEC offers the students with best multimedia training on par with industry standards and as per the market needs. Adobe Premiere Pro has fast become the number-one editing system for many editors around the world. Our Premier Pro training gives a thorough overview of the enhanced user interface, tools, features, production flow, video and audio editing tools. The training enables the students

  • To learn the fundamentals of nonlinear editing
  • How to bring multiple media types into premiere pro
  • To produce professional edits, apply effects, add titles, work with audio
  • To output to multiple formats including DVD, Blu-ray and files.
  • To create 3d graphic designs and breathtaking special effects used extensively in television and motion pictures.


  • Adobe


This course is suitable for students who think way outside the box and aspire to work with industry’s most innovative minds on high-impact projects for endless opportunities to create exceptional experiences.

  • Video Editor
  • Visual effects designer
  • Software Editor
  • Software mixer
  • Audio and Video Specialist



    • Introduction to Video Editing
    • Create a looping soundtrack
    • Overlay and insert clips
    • Create a picture within a picture
    • Record a voiceover
    • Color Correction, Title effects
    • Separate video to audio
    • Reverse video
    • Speed and duration
    • Slow motion effects
    • Cutting audio and video
    • Effects controllers
    • Video motion presets
    • Render effects in work area
    • Creating crawl titles
    • Export to media options
    • Generate real-time previews
    • Create rolling multicolumn titles
    • Applying Transitions
    Using Filters