Multimedia and animation training courses at APEC offers the students with best multimedia training on par with industry standards and as per the market needs. Adobe After Effects software is the industry-standard tool for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film and video. Through Our training in After Effects make the impossible possible and

  • Create animation and other special effectsfor graphic-related projects
  • Provide the projects with layer-based animation,audio clips and still images
  • Develop cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
  • Animate, alter and composite media in 2D and 3D


  • Adobe


This course is suitable for professional graphic artists and other dynamic media producers who want to work in post production that involves integration of live-action footage and computer generated imagery, which have become increasingly common in films, television and commercials.

  • Visual effects designer
  • Software mixer
  • Visual effects Professional
  • Technical Director
  • Special Effects Manager



Introduction to Compositing
Compositing Settings
Create motion graphics
Create visual effects to Text
Slow motion effects
Text selector animation
Sync animations to music
Sync visual effects to music
Create timely video effects
Animating text
Create camera 3d, 3d animations
Transform animations
Create animated seamless backdrop
Create animation presets behaviours
create image special effects
Render queue outputs
Prepare Footage
Import Footage