Weekend Class

Looking for Saturday & Sunday classes to make the most of your weekend?

Whether you want to take up something new to challenge yourself, revisit rusty skills, or take your experience and knowledge to the next level, come join APEC and get trained at your convenience. Explore our huge range of courses, from one-off sessions to year-long programmes.

Choose the day, time of day, and more to ensure you will find a course which is right for you. With emerging technology platforms, the advancement in technologies in developing various software and applications changes constantly. Hence it is very essential to continuously learn and evolve as and when the technology upgrades.

With busy work schedules, commutes and after-hours responsibilities, many professionals just don’t have the time to take time off for a training course. APEC Weekend training classes help professionals develop their skills, without taking valuable time off work. For those who wish to make the most of their weekends, professional development weekend courses are an ideal solution.
As a consequence of tailoring a weekend course to the needs of busy professionals without the time or flexibility to study during the week, APEC weekend courses tend to provide an all-inclusive experience. Course materials are included and courses run as per your need. Our Weekend training courses deliver education for professionals with an aim to complete the same within a short period of time, but with the same commitment and dedication as done for the regular training batches.

Benefits of our Weekend training

  • Flexibility to working professionals
  • Continuous skill upgradation
  • Intensive coaching
  • Complete training in less time
  • Professional development
  • Improved work quality
  • Better jobs & higher positions
  • Broadened career prospects