PHP and MySQL are incredibly powerful open source technologies used to create functional websites and apps that go way beyond basic HTML. With Our training work with PHP and MySQL and learn how to put together a functional web app, how to set up a MySQL database, connect to and integrate with PHP. Our training in PHP-MyQL combination lays the foundation to build a complete web application from scratch and create dynamic, interactive websites




This course is suitable for those who wants to enhance their skills PHP & MySQL skills and reach the next levels in web development,

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer


  • Introduction, Installation, Administration
  • PHP Syntax, Connection
  • Create/Drop/Select Database
  • Data types, Create/Drop tables
  • Query – Insert/Select/Update/Delete
  • Where/Like Clause, Sort, Join
  • NULL Values, Regexps, Alter command
  • Transactions, Indexes, Sequences
  • Temporary/Clone Tables
  • Database Export/ Import
  • PHP with MySQL
  • CRUD – Create/Read/Update/Delete
  • Upload/View/Download files
  • Pagination, Send Emails, User Registration
  • Authenticate users with PHP/HTTP
  • Introduction to Web Service

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