Today the knowledge of web-based tools, programming languages with a knack for coding is not sufficient for faster-than-average growth. Only those with proven skills are the best candidates for jobs in designing, developing and maintaining websites and tools for organizations in all sectors. Our JavaScript training is a simple way for developers and programmers to set themselves apart from the masses and make themselves stand out as qualified job candidates.


  • Zend Technologies


This course is suitable for those who would like to improve their skills in web designing by adding interactivity and functionality to their web pages for validating data. This course is a key to a number of Web design enhancements and hence a strong grasp of it provides with better career opportunities.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer


Introduction to Javascript
• Syntax, Statements, Comments
• Browser Compatibility
• Variables, Operators
• Conditional Statements
• If, If…else, If…else if…else, Switch
• Loops
• While, Do…while, For, Break/Continue
• Built-in Functions
• User-defined Functions
• Syntax, Arguments, Return Values
• Local Global Variables
• Popup Boxes
• Alert, Confirm, Prompt
• Events
• Introduction, On Load, On Unload
• On Focus, On Blur, On Change
• On Submit, On Mouse Over
• Cookies
• Page Redirection/Printing
• Working with Objects
• Number, String, Math, Date
• Boolean, Arrays
• Form Validation
• Radio Buttons, Check Boxes
• Select Menus, Text Areas
• Error Handling