Angular Training

APEC Provides Best Angular Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

Angular Training

APEC Provides Best Angular Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

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Angular training in Hyderabad is a valuable investment for individuals aspiring to enhance their web development skills. Our comprehensive program covers all aspects of Angular, a powerful framework widely used for building dynamic and responsive single-page applications. With a focus on hands-on learning, participants will delve into topics such as components, services, modules, and data binding. Our experienced instructors ensure that you gain proficiency in TypeScript, the language Angular is built upon. 


• Limitation of JavaScript
• What is Typescript.
• Benefits of TypeScript
• Setup the Environment
• First Typescript code

• Basic Data Types
• String and Templated String
• Arrays • Tuple
• Enum • any and void
• null and undefined
• Type Inference
• Type Casting
• Difference between let and var
• Const declaration
• for…of vs for…in statement

• Writing and Using Classes
• Constructor method
• Inheritance of classes
• Type casting
• Type Assertion
• Static Properties
• Abstract class

• Interface Declaration & Initialization
• Interface Implementation by class
• Interface having Optional Property
• Class extending another class
• Implementing an Interface
• Extending Interfaces

Function Types
• Optional and Default Parameters
• Rest Parameters
• Function Overloading • Function Types

• Introduction •Syntax with Example
• Compiling multiple TS files into single JS file

• Exporting & Importing of Modules
• Re-Export • Default Exports

What is Angular?
• Introduction
• AngularJS vs Angular
• Setup for local dev environment
• First Angular program
– NodeJS & NPM
– Visual Studio Code

Angular Architecture
• Building Blocks of Angular Appln
• Angular Modules
• @NgModule decorator
• Angular Libraries
• Component • Templates
• Metadata • DataBinding
• Directives • Services
• Dependency Injection

Displaying Data using Templates
• About Directives
• Components Properties
• Interpolation
• Built-In Directive
– o ngIF, o ngFor, o ngSwitch
• Create class for data (Model object)
• Template Expressions
• Working with Arrays
• vs <template>
• External HTML Template File

Data Binding
• Binding properties
• Interpolation
• One-way / Property Binding
• Event Binding
• Two-way binding with NgModel
• Attribute Binding
• Style Binding
• Class Binding

Styles Binding In Components
• Style & Class Bindings
• Built-In Directives
– NgStyle & NgClass
• Using Component Styles
• Special selectors
• Loading Styles into Components

Advanced Component Features
• Components Life Cycle Hooks.
• Dynamic components
– ngComponentOutlet

Template Driven Forms
• Introduction
• Initial form layout
• Bind data properties – ngModel
• Add name attribute
• Add custom CSS
• Show/hide error messages
• Form submission – ngSubmit
• Disable the form’s submit button
• Resetting the form

Reactive Forms
• Reactive Forms Introduction
• Form Control Properties
• setValue & patchValue
• Validating Form Elements
• Submitting & Resetting forms
• Observing & Reacting to Form Changes
• Using FormBuilder

• Built-in Pipes
• Parameters and chaining Pipes
• Custom Pipes
• Pipes and Change Detection
• Pure and Impure pipes

Custom Directives
• Custom Attribute Directive
• HostListener
• HostBinding
• Custom Validator Directive

Dependency Injection
• Dependency Injection
• DI in Angular Framework
• Reflective Injector
• Exploring Provider
• Types of Tokens
• Types of Dependencies
• Configuring DI using

• Implementing DI in Angular
• Optional Dependencies



We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online Training.

IT Training courses take a maximum of 2-3 month durations & the course duration, however, depends on the availability and convenience of the learner. You can check our detailed upcoming batches, course duration & timing, fees at the course training page.

Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.

We provide a proper certificate after completion of the course. Along with our institute certificate you will be also able to write Course Name and other certifications after completing the course.

You can expect a 10%-25% increment in salary. The overall growth depends upon how you perform and how you are beneficial to the organization.

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