MCSE Course

APEC Provides Best MCSE Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

MCSE Course

APEC Provides Best MCSE Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

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Exam 70-410

Client/Server or Domain

  Introduction to Domain

  Advantages & Disadvantages

Installing Windows Server 2012

Install servers

  Plan for a server installation

  Plan for server roles

  Install Server Core

Configure servers

  Configure Server Core

  Delegate administration

Configure local storage

  Design storage spaces

  Configure basic & dynamic disks

  Configure master boot record (MBR)

  Configure GUID partition table (GPT)

  Manage volumes

Server roles and infrastructures

  Configure file and share access


  Introduction to permissions

  Types – Share level, Security level

  Implementing Share permissions

– Shared folder, How to access?

– Hidden share, How to access ?

  Implementing Security permissions

– Access Control List, Inheritance

  Create and configure shares

  Configure share permissions

  Configure offline files

  NTFS – permissions, quotas

Create & configure virtual machine

  Install Server & Client O/s virtually

  Modify hardware platform for VM

Configure print & document services

  Enterprise Print Management

  Drivers, printer pooling

  Print priorities, printer permissions

Deploy & configure

core network services

  Configure IPv4 or IPv6

Deploy and configure DNS service

  AD integration of primary zones

  Configure forwarders, Root Hints

  A & PTR resource records

Install & administer Active Directory

Install domain controllers

Windows Server 2012 O/s

  Features of Windows Server 2012

  Install Server 2012, Client O/s

Introduction of ADDS

  Domain, Domain Controller

  What is Client/Member Server?

  Requirements to install ADDS

  Installing and configuring ADDS

Clients and Member Servers

  Adding, Removing

  Add/Remove a domain controller

  Configure a global catalog server

Active Directory users & computers

  Domain users & groups administration

  Domain user, Domain group

– Creating, managing & deleting

  Adding/Removing domain users

  Creating a Domain user account

  Computers Management console

  Managing domain user accounts

  Account lockout policy

Active Directory groups & OU

  Security, distribution, universal

  Domain local, & global

  Groups and OUs


We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online Training.

IT Training courses take a maximum of 2-3 month durations & the course duration, however, depends on the availability and convenience of the learner. You can check our detailed upcoming batches, course duration & timing, fees at the course training page.

Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.

We provide a proper certificate after completion of the course. Along with our institute certificate you will be also able to write Course Name and other certifications after completing the course.

You can expect a 10%-25% increment in salary. The overall growth depends upon how you perform and how you are beneficial to the organization.

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