RPA Training

APEC Provides Best RPA Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

RPA Training

APEC Provides Best RPA Course in Various Fields of Education like for both IT and Non IT Students and Professionals .

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Candidates will acquire knowledge in managing real-time robotics projects that implement the blend of academic learning. After the completion of Robotics Course, audience can easily focus on increasing the speed of administrative tasks where the accuracy is mostly critical by using various software to mimic human interaction models with certain rule-based business processes.

Course Name Faculty Name Starting Date Time
RPA Mr.Dilip 16-July-2024 08:00 AM
RPA Mr.Dilip 18-July-2024 11:00 AM

• Understanding skills in the true business case for Robotics Process Automation
• Future of the technology leads and is heading what the future holds
• Knowledge in how these RPA can be utilized across the Organizations
• Understanding skills in RPA which can be utilized across the Organizations to boost revenues
• Skills in cost efficiencies of ROI and various RPA solutions
• Leverages knowledge in dissecting the myths from the facts and realize the true benefits of RPA
• Drive the strategic and tactical roll out of the RPA solution
• Managing of RPA solutions to ensure lasting results


Be ready to face incredible career opportunities to dive into the reputed Organization with highest paid salary range.
• RPA Developer UI path
• RPA Developer Automation Anywhere
• RPA Developer Blueprism
• RPA Analyst
• RPA-UI path programmer

Introduction to RPA
• Automation Anywhere Architecture
• Automation Anywhere Editors
• Control Room View
• Features of Task Editor
• Different Sections in Task Editor
Automation Anywhere Commands
Keystrokes / Mouse
• Insert Keystrokes, Mouse Click
• Insert Mouse Move, Mouse Scroll
Programs / Files / Windows
• Open Program/File
• Files/Folders
• Window Actions
• Log to File
• Manage Windows Controls
• Object Cloning
• System
Conditions / Loops
• If/Loop
Pause / Delays / Wait
• Web Recorder
• Launch Website
• Send Email
• Internet Connection
• SOAP Web Service
• REST Web Service
Tasks / Scripts
• Run Task
• Stop Task
• Read from CSV/Text
• Excel
• Database
• Prompt
• Message Box
• Comment
• Paly Sound
• Variable Operation
• String Operation
• Clip Board Operations
• Printers
• Services
• Error Handling
• Image Recognition
• Screen Capture
App Integration
• Email Automation
• Terminal Emulator
• PDF Integration
• Citrix Automation
Automation Anywhere Adv. Features
• Meta Bots
Automation Anywhere Control Room
• Upload / Deploy Project
• Add AA Clients
• Operations Room
Hands on Use Cases
• Using Decision / Loop Controls
• Using Excel Operations
• Using Object Cloning /
Web Recording / Smart Recording
• Using PDF Operations &
Email Integration
• Using Exception Handling


Intro to Blue Prism Robotic Automation
Process Studio
• Running a Process
• Basic Skills
• Process Validation
• Decision Stage
• Calculation Stage
• Data Items
• Review
Process Flow
• Circular Path
• Controlling Play
• Set Next Stage
• Break Points
• Collections and Loops
• Layers Of Logic
• Pages For Organization
• Review
Inputs and Outputs
• Input Parameters
• Stepping and Pages
• Data Item Visibility
• Data Types
• Output Parameters
• Start up Parameters
• Control Room
• Process Outputs
• Review
Business Objects
• Object Studio
• Business Objects
• Action Stage
• Inputs
• Outputs
• The Process Layer
• Review
Object Studio
• Creating a Business Object
• Application Modeler
• Spying Elements
• Attributes
• Attribute Selection
• Launch
• Wait
• Timeouts
• Terminate
• Write
• Press
• Attach and Detach
• Read
• Actions
• Action Inputs
• Action Outputs
• Data items as inputs
• Review
Error Management
• Exception Handling
• Recover and Resume
• Throwing Exceptions
• Preserving the Current Exception
• Exception Bubbling
• Exception Blocks
• Exception Handling in Practice
• Review
Case Management
• Work Queues
• Queue Items
• Work Queue Configuration
• Defer
• Attempts
• Pause & Resume
• Filters
• Reports
• Review
Additional Features
• Collection Actions
• Choice Stage
• Logging Log Viewer
• System Manager
• Process Groping
• Export & Import
• Release Manager Packages & Releases
Consolidation Exercise
• Order System Process
• Consolidation Exercise Checklist
• Submitting your Completed Solution
Advanced Features
• Undefined Collections
• Data Item Initialization
• Data Item Exposure
• Casting
• Code Stage
• Run Mode
• Initialize & Clean up
• Attribute Match Types
• Dynamic Attributes
• Active Accessibility
• Application Manager Mode
• Global Clicks and Keys
• Credentials
• Environment Locking
• Command Line
• Resource PC
Application Types
• Mainframe / Java Applications
• Match index and Match Reverse
• Surface Automation
Real time scenarios
• Sending a Mail
• Updating Facebook Status
• Sending a Text Using Web Portal


• Introduction to UiPath
• UiPath Architecture
• Operating Model
• Prerequisite for UiPath
• Introduction to UiPath Studio
• Different Workflows
• Control Flow & Branching
• Working with Variables
• Data Table Activities
• Modularity in UiPath
• Excel and XML Activities
• Word Automation
• Database Activities
• Recording Window and Web
• Advance UI Interaction
• Selectors Manipulation
• Working with UiPath Explorer
• Screen & Data Scrapping
• Citrix, Image & Text Automation
Using Citrix environment
• Advance Citrix Automation
• PDF Automation
• Email & Outlook Automation
• Working with User Events
• Application Integration
• Debugging & Exception Handling
• Front & Back office Server Robots
• Queue Management
• Server Architecture
• Server Configuration
• Integration with Version Control
• Security Guidelines
• SAP Automation Introduction Only
• Mainframe Automation usin AS400
• Development Best Practice
• Project Organization
• Orchestrator
• Understanding PDD, SDD


We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online Training.

IT Training courses take a maximum of 2-3 month durations & the course duration, however, depends on the availability and convenience of the learner. You can check our detailed upcoming batches, course duration & timing, fees at the course training page.

Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.

We provide a proper certificate after completion of the course. Along with our institute certificate you will be also able to write Course Name and other certifications after completing the course.

You can expect a 10%-25% increment in salary. The overall growth depends upon how you perform and how you are beneficial to the organization.

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